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No Costs. No Risks. Just Do What You Do Best.

Why Get A Game Made?

Both of our businesses rely on capturing more consumers to generate revenue. By you leveraging our app experience, and us leveraging your ability to market to millions of consumers, provides a win-win situation that creates a very lucrative, long-term business partnership.

AppTout is an experienced, fast-growing start-up with 40+ games in the iOS App Store, focusing on casual games for quick turnaround to meet up with the ever-changing attention span of consumers. We have been featured by Apple numerous times, and know how to reach the top of trending searches.

  • Top games in the App Stores make $50,000+ DAILY (yes you read that right).
  • Increase your fan base using App Store exposure, and tactics we integrate into the games.
  • No out-of-pocket costs. We make the game(s) quickly; you promote to your existing fan base consistently.
  • A consistent extra revenue source from ads and in-app purchases with no risks.
  • With years of experience, we know how to optimize games for the most amount of downloads and revenue.
How Does It Work?How Does It Work?

Popular Game Revenue Estimates

You know social media, we know the App Stores…let’s join forces and make money.

Flappy Bird

Est. $1,513,000/mo

Color By Number: Coloring Book

Est. $1,380,000/mo

Color Switch

Est. $1,142,000/mo

How It Works

1. Initiation

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out to get games ideas. Once a game concept is determined, we will provide a simple demo of the game in action with our approach and reasoning for App Store Optimization (ASO).

2. Build

Once initiation is complete, we will develop the full game from start to finish at no cost to you. This includes graphics, game coding, advertising networks, in-app purchases, and everything in between. We make them quickly with turnaround time from 2-4 weeks, but usually sooner.

3. Launch & Promote

We publish the game to the App Store with everything that is needed to our developer account. Now it’s your turn…promote the game in the best way possible! We leave it up to you since you’re the social media expert. The more you promote, the more money you can make!

4. Get Paid

Now for the fun part! We are fully transparent with all advertising and in-app purchase revenue, and will provide you with a full report at the end of each month from all networks integrated. We will agree upon a revenue share, and we pay net 30 from the previous month directly to your bank account of choice.

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